Dispute Resolution Guide

At PayStation we aim to deliver smooth and hassle-free transactions, but in rare cases, disputes may occur. As a payment gateway, we suggest that you (the buyer) contact the merchant (or seller) as early as possible to resolve any issue relating to your order. We have often found that prompt and clear communication is the key to a speedy resolution.

The FAQs below will help you understand our dispute resolution process better.

Customer Dispute Guidelines

When should a customer file a complaint regarding the non-receipt of an order?

We suggest that you wait for 7-10 business days for physical goods and 1 business day for digital goods. In case you do not receive the services/goods even after the said time interval or if the items received are materially different, defective or damaged, then you should visit the merchant website and refer to the terms & conditions, shipping policy, refund policy and contact the merchant to resolve the issue.

In order to contact the merchant please visit the Merchant Website → Click on contact us tab → Call on support number or send an email to the support email address of the merchant. While sending an email you should include following details:

§  Date of transaction

§  Amount of transaction

§  Order ID shared by the merchant

§  Payment ID shared by PayStation

§  Description of the problem

In case the merchant does not respond to your emails & phone calls within 3-5 working days then you can contact us to mediate and amicably resolve the issue.

Does PayStation intervene to resolve a pending dispute between a buyer and a merchant?

We want our customers to buy with confidence every time they initiate a transaction via PayStation and we are always willing to resolve problems. As a first step, we usually recommend that customers initiate direct communication with the merchant to resolve issues pertaining to a specific order. However, if the merchant is non-responsive to emails or phone calls, then PayStation will intervene to amicably resolve the issue.

What should you remember when filing a dispute on PayStation?

While raising a  support ticket  on the PayStation website you should briefly address the issue you have faced, and attach a screenshot of the email sent to the merchant in the initial stage. You are also required to provide us with the following details:

  • Date of transaction
  • Amount of transaction
  • PayStation Payments Transaction ID
  • Description of the problem
  • Details of email communication with the merchant ( Screenshot of the communication)

Once a complaint is raised, the PayStation Investigation team would take 3-5 working days to resolve the issue.

Cancellation of Orders/Refunds/Returns:

Please note that all the queries relating to the full or partial cancellation of orders should be routed to the merchant since we are a payment gateway, and we only facilitate online payments for merchants. We do not handle shipping or order dispatch and you should directly contact the merchant for queries regarding returns and follow instructions as specified in the return & cancellation policy on the merchant website.

Once a refund is initiated,, or if the order is not generated at the time of the transaction, then you should get the credit in your bank account within 5-7 business days failing which you can contact PayStation for refund related queries.

Best Practices for hassle-free transactions

As mentioned above, communication with the merchant is the best recourse to prevent disputes. You can also follow these tips to avoid disputes:

  • Clearly understand the product service description before making a purchase.
  • Make sure to review the T&C, return & cancellation, refund policies on the merchant website before making a payment.
  • Wait 5-7 business days for the delivery of tangible items or services, and one business day for the - delivery of digital items (from the date of transaction) before filing a complaint.
  • Follow the seller’s instructions to return your purchase. Remember to keep a copy of your return shipping receipt.
  • Only enter details on secure sites. Look for an https connection and valid security certificates.
  • Don't enter credit card details on suspicious merchant websites as it may be a phishing attempt.
  • Keep your antivirus software and browsers up to date
  • If your item is defective and it is under warranty, you must contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement.
In case of issues related to bank processing, you should wait for 5-7 business days & check for refund status in your bank statement.